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Confessions of a trainee psychotherapist …finalist now

Upon embarking on the finalist year, I have now been set free from the weekly grind of training. No more drama and brain-ache that comes from the weekly theory and experiential groups. No more gossiping over the brilliance or shortfalls of tutors; no more emotional wrangling with fellow trainees. This Finalist year, then, is an easy one. Or so I thought.

One of the biggest surprises about this year is how hard it is. With the dissertation and coursework still to be completed, I was not exactly expecting it to be a doddle, but yet, if they put ‘existential crisis’ as a module to be completed in the Aids to Study, they wouldn’t be far wrong.

Many of my peers have commented on the limbo this year presents. With the intensity of the Third Year behind us we now stand astride the training; one foot in (with weekly supervision and the occasional weekend) and one foot out; Counselling Diploma under our belts and ready to go out into the world to practice as Real Therapists.

I attended a peer support group the other week and uttered some previously unthinkable words: ‘I miss the experiential group’. Who would have thought such a ghastly thing could be missed? But missed it is; a bit like an uncomfortable sofa I’ve gotten used to sitting on and complaining about for 4 years suddenly being impounded to the removals van. In the Finalist year, it seems, we have to go out into the world and find our own metaphorical sofa. And sit on it.

Joan Bloggs is not the author’s real name. We hope she will keep us posted on further musings.

If you are interested in training as a psychotherapist, a good place to start research is the BACP or UKCP websites (see our About Therapy page).