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Am I just getting old? – thoughts on Narcissism No. 2

Following on from my post about Narcissism (no I am not going to write about the Joy of Zumba if you were wondering), are we fretting too much about cultural change?  I’ve just re- read the following on the back of a book I came across some time ago :

Today, because the whole world is so closely linked by instant and near-instant communications, the young have an experience that their elders never had.  They face a new era, one shaped by the Bomb, space exploration, a runaway technology, the population explosion, the break-down of cities and the wholesale destruction of the natural environment.  Until recently, our elders could say, ‘ I have been young and you have never been old, so shut up and listen to me.’  Today the young can reply: ‘You listen: you were never young in the world I am young in.’

Maybe the reference to space exploration and the Bomb is a giveaway, but I still find it hard to believe that it’s not current, or even recent.  The book was Culture and Commitment by Margaret Mead.  In the flypaper she is referred to as Miss Mead!  There’s another giveaway.  And it was written in 1970.

Then a colleague sent me the cartoons below.  Maybe worrying for the next generation is just what we do, once we get to a certain age. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Jane Edwards is a psychotherapist and co-founder of LPN