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I had hoped to blog on my own website yesterday, but found that I couldn’t access the administration on my website. I turned to my live site, usually a tranquil image of a large tree, to be met by a pretty alarming image of a very young girl, pointing a gun at the camera (me/you)….while a hip hop song played on a loop. ‘Mr.7nsh’ had wiped all my files on my server and my trust that my online ‘shopfront’ was safe. He is a legendary hacker, so Google tells me, with an ever growing list of successful hacks.There’s even a website dedicated to his prowess.

I’m no teccie so I may have got this wrong but it seems my site was vulnerable in the first place by being built with open-source WordPress (as this site is). It’s only thanks to my brilliant web designer Thomas that all was not lost – he’d made a manual back-up, almost by chance, last week. I may have lost all my blogs however (ok, they weren’t history in the making but stacked together feel like a lot to lose)….Mr7.nsh and the like send out software that penetrate websites via contact forms and once inside, wipe everything it can.

So, if you haven’t backed-up your website, check if your domain host has done it for you recently or do it fast. A full-back up means you’ll be online again quickly. I can’t even be bothered to make any sense of it, whenever I try my heart feels too heavy.

Julia Bueno is an LPN member and co-founder.