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Diane Keaton on Radio 4, neurotic and lovable

Tune into Women’s Hour today (Tuesday 15th November) to hear the world’s second most famous neurotic – Diane Keaton – talk openly about bulimia, low self-esteem and loving famous men.  Asked directly about her neurotic persona she comes up with a great non-jargony definition of what exactly is a neurotic.  Worth listening to for that alone.

She also describes how talking therapies helped her beat her ‘addiction to regurgitation,’ describing how she learned through analysis to use her mouth to express her feelings, rather than hold them back.   She speaks with the characteristic self-deprecating humour and intelligence that made her so adored in her erstwhile lover’s (Woody Allen) films.  I found her reason for deciding to adopt two children and the experience of motherhood particularly touching.

Diane Keaton on Women’s Hour, Radio 4, 15th November 2011