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Brexit Blues

As I write we are just over a week into post-referendum Britain. The main political parties seem to be eating themselves alive and we are still no closer to understanding what leaving the EU will actually mean for most of us.

With this climate of unprecedented political and economic uncertainty it is no wonder that I am noticing significantly increased levels of anxiety, particularly around the long term implications. Some of these feelings can be understood by looking at the five stage of grieving.

It is no exaggeration to say that some Remain voters have been feeling distraught and furious, while some Leave voters are wounded and baffled by the hostility directed at them. Huge divisions have opened up as a result of the vote, with rifts in families, and friendships severed overnight. This feature on the Kaye Adams Show on BBC Radio Scotland explores these feelings of anger, division and how we can help ourselves through the long-term uncertainty. Scroll through to 2hrs 6mins to hear the discussion.

Lucy Clyde is an LPN member