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Celebrity speaks out about panic

Therapists know that their clients often feel ashamed of coming to see us.  Some of mine keep it a secret from all but their closest friends and families.  Some will spend time in their sessions fantasising about what would happen if other people ‘found out about their secret.’  The emotions that accompany this daydream scenario are usually a mixture of dread and imagined relief; almost as if they are ‘outing’ themselves to unveil another person entirely: scary but liberating.

As someone who’s had my own fair share of therapy, I’m out and proud as I am pretty certain therapy’s been the making of me. I will take any opportunity I can to tell people why I’m a passionate advocate for the talking therapies over drugs any day, but then I would say that, I’m a therapist.  So it’s always great when you read about someone you wouldn’t expect to go for therapy, raving about it, like today when I was idly flicking through the Metro newspaper on the tube.  I don’t know who Anna Williamson is, but apparently she’s a children’s TV presenter and just about to star in Cinderella in Milton Keynes.  She’s also someone who was used to dealing with worries and anxieties with a thoroughly honed British stiff upper lift.  That is until she develloped crippling panic attacks and insomnia.  She says, ” I almost wished I had broken a leg or something physical because when you talk about your mental health you just think everyone is going to think you’re weak, silly and a liability.”  In my experience this echoes the majority of people who seek therapy, but particularly men.  She now says she’s happy to be ‘the poster girl’ for mental health, and has subsequently done a counselling diploma and volunteers at Child line. How amazing is that?

Click here to read the full article Anna Williamson ‘The curse of the stiff upper lip‘ in Metro Tuesday November 27th 2012

Jane Edwards is a psychotherapist in private practice and co-founder of LPN